Divan Bed Fitting Guide

Divan Bed Fitting Guide

All our items come without any fitting instructions since we believe in saving the planet and try to reduce as much rubbish as possible. However, as many of our customers request guides, we have put together this very useful guide on how to assemble a divan bed. If you require further help, e-mail us here or please call our customer services team on 01924 452 086 who will be more than happy to help.

Divan Bed Fitting Guide

Step 1) - Fixing Castors Wheels / Glide Legs

Both bases should have one side with round corners and one side with square corners, the round corners remain on the outside and the square corners come together in the middle, this is so that you get a clean joint where the two half’s meet. Raise the bases on to their side so that you are facing the underside of the bases where the black material is visible (fig 1).

fig 1

Take the castor wheel or the glide legs (depending on the model of the bed) and insert into the studs for the legs (fig 2).

fig 2

After inserting the castor wheel, tap firmly until you can hear a click which will indicate that the wheels have secured home. If you cannot hear a click do not worry they will fasten home when you turn the bed back into its correct position and sit near the edge to provide extra pressure? (fig 3).

fig 3

Step 2) - Fixing The U-Clips

While the bed is on its side and your are facing the black underside material, Place the two U-Clips (metal or plastic , depending on the model of bed) about 10cm from each edge in the centre where the two bases meet. If there is no gap in the material for the U-Clips (fig 4).

fig 4

You can easily slit the black underside material to allow for the clips to fasten securely over both base edges. Bring the bed in to its proper position while supporting the bases at the central point where the clips have been place.

Step 3) - Fixing The Headboard

The headboard fitting on both bases is indicated by two plugs or stickers (Depending on the model of the bed) (Fig 5.A) on side with the rounded corners, please remove these plugs on the base you want to fit the headboard, this should reveal the holes for the headboard bolts (Fig 5.B). Place the plastic washer onto the bolt and fasten the bolt into the stud, it should catch the thread after a few turns, Place the wooden headboard struts (Fig 5.C), which have been fixed to the rear of the headboard earlier and slide the struts over the bolt, making sure you keep the plastic washer on the outer side near the bolt head. Tighten the bolt enough so that it holds the headboard firmly against the bed, Place the mattress onto the base and adjust the height of the headboard, then tighten securely the bolts so that the headboard does not move.

fig 5

That is all that should be required to assemble you new bed, Enjoy.

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