Headboard Fitting Guide

Headboard Fitting Guide

All our items come without any fitting instructions since we believe in saving the planet and try to reduce as much rubbish as possible. However, as many of our customers request guides, we have put together this very useful guide on how to fit a headboard. If you require further help, e-mail us here or please call our customer services team on 01924 452 086 who will be more than happy to help.

Headboard Fitting Guide

Step 1) - Fixing The Headboard Struts

Most of our headboards come with the main headboard panel (Fig 4 & 4a),

fig 4  fig 4a

headboard struts (Fig 3),

fig 3

and two bolts per leg (Fig 2).

fig 1-2

The legs are attached with small bolts (Fig 5) to the rear of the headboard.

fig 5

The fitting is marked with stickers to show the bolt housing. Please fit the small bolts (two for each strut) to secure the strut to the headboard.

Step 2) - Finding The Fixings On The Divan Base

Your bed base will have some small stickers or plastic plugs (Fig 1) over the holes for the bed headboard screws (large M8 Bolts about 2 ½ inches 6.5cm long Fig 2).

fig 1-2

Pierce through the sticker or remove the plastic plug, to find the hole into which the bed headboard screw attaches. Be careful not to damage the material round the screw hole too much.

Fit the bolts into the holes in the divan base end (Fig 2) . Some bed divans, may have more than two holes for the headboard leg per side and for 6 feet (1.8 m) as many as 4 lines of two holes making 8 in total. This is due to the weight of the long 6 feet (1.8 m) wooden headboards.

Step 3) - Fixing The Headboard

Place the wooden headboard struts (Fig 3),

fig 3

which have been fixed to the rear of the headboard earlier (fig 5) and slide the struts over the bolts (Fig 6),

fig 5 fig 6

making sure you keep the plastic washer on the outer side near the bolt head. Tighten the bolt enough so that it holds the headboard firmly against the bed, Place the mattress onto the base and adjust the height of the headboard, then tighten the bolts securely so that the headboard does not move.

That is all that should be required to assemble your new headboard. Enjoy.

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